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Re: VOTE! Avatar Contest ~ Investigations

The polls are closed!

It has been a fierce competition! The first couple of days it looked like I_am_Surak’s wonderful Neelix avatar was going to win this contest, but in the end HopefulRomantic and little old me are going to accompany Surak on his date with Chakotay.
Janeway coffee for us all!

Congratulations to the runners-up: Praetor_Shinzon and Akiraprise! Black coffee for you!

Thanks for the votes!

From the start is has been clear that the lovely Alienesse was going to win this contest with her pretty tablewear. Congrats!

Hurray for Akiraprise who came in second with a melancholic picture of Captain Janeway longing for home.

The cute little duckies ruled this contest. Voting was unnecessary, really. Congrats to Akiraprise!

The wonderfully talented HopefulRomantic has to share her second price with me again. Thanks for the votes!

Thanks to all the entrants and voters for taking part!

Alienesse and Akiraprise, will you please choose our next themes? Who wants to organize the next contest?
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