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Re: Norton's Trek Images

I've decided I'll just upload what I have from the "Lost Fleet" universe so far. The idea beyond what I stated before is that once in this far off area of the universe, they establish a New Federation since it's such an impossible task to return in most of their opinions, so they start a new life in the Delta or Gamma or wherever they are Quadrant. They settle a planet, name it Babel, and cannibalize their ships and make towns cities out of these ships named for them (so the place where the Alamo settles will be called Alamo, and be made up of the crew and their descendents). Some ships remain out there, though, in order to explore and scavange space and get supplies from traders and such, and then there's other ships that seceded from this plan and decide they want to try to make it home....and they're thwarted in numerous ways to be discovered centuries later, such as starving to death after their food synthesizers broke, or running out of dilithium or having their engines break down and being forced to live in this ship stuck in the middle of space for eons with no way to move, to crash lander into a planet, to all dying of a disease, to just doing what the others did and giving up and settling a planet somewhere along the journey.
Eventually this New Federation does grow somewhat, encompassing a few species and colonies. Nothing on par with the real Federation, but a reasonable little space nation. And overall, the idea is to play up some TOS goodness, along with some tropes and sometimes subvert them. For example, the uniforms by the TNG era will have been pretty much the TOS uniform, but updated. And everything looks TOS, but modern.

So here are some of the images I have so far:

Logo of the Starfleet/New United Federation of Planets

Uniforms of 2400

And a mock up of those

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