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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...


A couple of baddies join the cast:

Also, in kinda Die Hard-related news, I see the whole 'DH On A' genre seems to be making a comeback. Roland Emmerich is to direct White House Down (by the writer of The Amazing Spider-man and Zodiac, James Vanderbilt). This sounds like a cross between Die Hard and Air Force One (which was itself Die Hard on the Presidential Plane), with terrorists taking over 1600 Penn. Ave. That plot also formed the basis of a bonkers, but entertaining plot in S7 of 24, while there was at one stage rumoured to be a sequel to The Rock, set in Washington's most famous address.

Liam Neeson is to appear in Non-Stop, for producer Joel Silver, who produced the first two DH movies. This will be another Die Hard on a Plane, like Passenger 57, Con Air, Air Force One and others I've probably forgotten.
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