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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

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It's a shame that it doesn't really do image maps well, I hate seeing a model with the decals physically modeled into them. I remember I used to have to do it when I first started learning the basics, and when I had to go back and make changes it always hurt.
It does image projecting although there may be limitations on the free version. I tried doing that with the markings and it wasn't working as well as I'd have liked so thats why I made the markings part of the detail. I'm leaving the actual lettering and such until after mirroring because the registry can't be mirrored or you'd end up with letters and numbers reversed. Also what about the lettering that goes across the centreline?

This is my first real model and so there are mistakes and oversights, some obvious and some not. Hopefully I'll be better on the next model. And one day I'll remake this design and correct the things I did wrong right from the beginning rather than trying to correct or mask over mistakes.
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