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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

I was really offended by the company's treatment of Bryan. One of their greatest technical wrestlers in his Mania debut gets squashed by Sheamus? And now with the return of ADR, he doesn't even get his rematch clause? That's shitty.

I love how over he is now, with the "yes" chants, but I really hope that creative don't decide to turn him face again. His gradual face/heel turn was masterful, and his arrogance has been perfect every time he cuts a promo. If it were me, I'd put Bryan on midcard, and have AJ rise up in the diva ranks. Then play out the story where Bryan becomes more and more resentful until he snaps and blames her for his Mania loss.

And yeah, I was marking like crazy when Brock returned, even though it was spoiled slightly by the "we want Lesnar" chants. Still a bit miffed at The Rock beating Cena though, especially since Cena's been out-promoing him week after week during the feud buildup.
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