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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

So, my doc prescribed me Ambien for my insomnia. I've taken it on occasion in the past; while I prefer to treat my insomnia with behavioral techniques rather than drugs, sometimes it just becomes to severe (i'll go several days without sleep), and warrants the temporary use of medication as a crutch. Anyway, it's fairly common knowledge that Ambien has some pretty enjoyable side-effects (such as mild hallucinations), as well as some potentially serious side-effects involving sleep-walking, sleep-eating, and even sleep-driving.

Well, apparently for me, Ambien causes sleep-online-shopping. I've now totalled three emails from various online vendors confirming purchases I made in my sleep! The funniest part being that I'm buying totally boring, rational things that I actually need: replacement heads for my Sonicare toothbrush (which are cheaper on Amazon than in the drugstore), refills for my planner, and insoles for my shoes! I even had the unconscious presence of mind (that phrase being a wonderful contradiction in terms) to look up and use coupon codes!

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