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Re: Norton's Trek Images

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Nice work. I particularly like Captain Skarl and the Ranger-class starship.
Thank you.


I made an assignment patch for the USS Alamo (NCC-1836), a Miranda class ship of the TOS era. It's part of a larger story setting which I may introduce art from here (as I do have some) called "The Lost Fleet". Basically, think VOY if it happened in TOS, and to a fleet of ships instead of just one. Dilithium can't be reenergized and needs to be renewed, replicator technology can only make food and not spare parts or anything more advanced than that, Warp speeds are a bit slower, and on top of that you have ships which are slower than the fastest ships in that group. So supplies and time are key to survival. Also, the fleet is whisked away during the brief Federation-Klingon war, so they have no idea that conflict was ended by the Organians after a couple days, and believe this massive and devastating conflict was allowed to rage on and they have no clue what world they would return to if they ever returned to the Federation.

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