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So, wait, you're saying the character's only purpose for being in the episode was to "get with" Kira, and somehow that's a dis-service to him? I figured characters would be lining up to be disrespected by Kira in this manner
Good point. Perhaps I should say that it's a bit disrespectful to Bajor as a whole that their First Minister is on the station for an important negotiation regarding the planet's future, but all that really matters to the episode is that he gets into Kira's pants.

Return to Grace (***)

First Minister Shakaar brings Kira on a romantic date, he wines and dines her to the point where she finds it impossible to say no to him (her words)... and he requests that she take part in a diplomatic mission with the Cardassians. Wow, he really is dull. If I were him I would have suggested a threesome with Leeta, but instead he sends his girlfriend away to spend time with a man that she hates? He's a weird politician, that's for sure.

The majority of this episode is centred on Kira and Dukat and their hate/creepy-love relationship with one another, and that gets a bit too repetitive for me. It doesn't help that these two characters were already forced to spend time together earlier this season, and even though I took more than three weeks away from DS9, it still feels like this episode is too close to Indiscretion for its own good. This episode could have used a b-story to cut away to every once and a while, as it is there's scene after scene of Kira and Dukat interacting with one another, with Ziyal thrown in occasionally. It's not that the scenes are bad, there's just too much of the same material being repeated throughout the episode.

The main plot is quite good, a down on his luck Dukat decides to earn some respect back by taking on a considerably more powerful Klingon ship. It's a pretty good episode for Dukat, we get to see a more human side of him through Ziyal, but he's still driven by his ego and resentment. When the Cardassian government decides to make concessions to the Klingons, he declares himself the only true Cardassian left and goes off to fight a guerilla war with his new toy. It's a pity we don't see more of him in that role before he runs off to join the Dominion, it's rather intriguing.

It's fitting that I watched this episode at the same time that Shatnertage has reached the meat of Damar's story in season 7, because it's ridiculous how underused he is here. It must have been so gratifying for Casey Biggs that he went from reading technical jargon from a computer screen to an impassioned resistance leader that gets to give speeches about freedom and sacrifice.
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