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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Is this in the same continuity as the movie?
No, it's a "reboot", or "remake", or... I don't know what's the right word today
An update?

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You can still be curious and look back, just because they remade it into a film trilogy in the 80's and then again today doesn't mean you can't go back and enjoy the original, heck even with MSG you see hardcore fans stating that the movie trilogy is a great substitute for the original series which had flaws hence the changes and I agree (this is coming form someone who considers MSG to be my favorite anime of all time).
I just think it takes the due attention away from how good the original was if it's only the updated version that gets all the attention. I realize people can still check out the original if they choose but the flash and buzz surrounding the new version would make them less inclined especially if it's basically the same story with weaker animation....

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Edit: FFS they made him look like a girl...
This is no military leader.
I have to agree with this one. There is a certain...Yaoi... pretty-boy softness to this new Desslar that does not invoke the pure masculinity and bad-ass that we've come to love from the original.
That's it. Very Yaoi. He just doesn't come off as a Threat. That's my main problem with the newer animes these days is that the characters male and female are very feminine. It was my worry with this new series that this would happen but it doesn't seem too bad with the other characters. Still I prefer the squiggly blue light in the live action film to this and that was a joke in itself.
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