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Re: MARCH CHALLENGE - Home - Angry Fanboy

Congratulations on your win Angry Fanboy. There's been a heap of praise for this story in the comments posted and all rightly deserved. The story has all the flavour of Voyager, especially early season one Voyager, with the EMH seen as simply that, the Maquis circumstances rife for trouble and the crew landed back into early DS9 politics. It is a well written story and the characters are true to their selves as in S1. A very well done job.

Now Voyager has its detractors, but I think the way you have written it, bringing much of the story full circle, bringing the Maquis front and centre for the last story is a terrific testament to your skill and to the potential Voyager had if it had built upon itself, and had more continuity and plot involving the Maquis/Starfleet tensions/differences.

This is a very interesting AU and one wonders how the characters fare hereafter; Janeway would have less trouble dealing with Starfleet with fewer controversial decisions behind her, Tuvok faces an uncertain future - maybe demotion or maybe penal colony, Torres would face a difficult transition to serving in Starfleet again but what happens then when the Dominion War kicks off and hostilities arise with the Cardassians again? Then we have Chakotay and the other Maquis members and whatever role they might play against the backdrop of DS9's history (assuming it plays out as it was). And then of course, there's Kes and Neelix off exploring the Alpha Quadrant! But the poor ole Doc never ever quite gets to be. And then we can imagine what happens without Voyager in the DQ for the rest of its canon adventures, such as do the Borg get annihilated by Species 372(sic)? The fact my mind wanders off in all these directions is a sign of what an interesting story you told here. Well done.

Oh, remember to post your winning entry to the stickied winning entries thread.
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