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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

Lost in Space, virtually any episode was worse than Fury. The, there's LiS's 'The Great Vegetable Rebellion' which may be the worst episode in Sci-Fi TV history, certainly in the top ten.
Well, seeing as Lost in Space was a sci-fi series aimed at kids and G-rated family fare, over-the-top absurdity was to be expected, though that episode was so hilariously bad, 2 of the cast members forced so many cut takes they were written out of the next episode (the series finale). When you're trying to be serious, even in jest, that kind of uncontrollable laughter shows the material is weak. That can be good though. One episode of Mad TV was so funny, the cast had to hide their laughter during a few of the skits (hands over the mouth, turning away from the camera, other cast members ad libbing til the other member can get their composure back). It was quite fun to see. Laughter is contagious

Yeah, Lost in Space was more serious in Season 1, but it clearly delved into camp in Season 2. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea also started out as more serious with the sci-fi before diving deep into the depths of camp. Expecting serious, mature sci-fi from Lost in Space is like expecting Shakespeare from Mister Ed. A horse is a horse by any other name, of course of course.

Maybe Jennifer should have tried "dating" a producer before things became pear shaped?
Didn't she have a kid shortly to months before that episode was filmed? When I saw her in "Fury" way back then (fun fact: that day was free scoop day at Baskins Robbins, which was a total ripoff as the scoop was tiny and not worth the long line) it seemed like after being fired from Voyager, she basically retired from acting and got into family mode. The weight seemed to be a result of her not expecting to get asked to come back. Either that or the trip back in time makes you gain weight (so many calories along memory lane) when you do so under your own (super)power as opposed to via technological doodads or big fancy ancient devices. We don't know the ins & outs of Ocampan superpowers or their side effects.

It's weird that Ocampa has air.

No flora, or fauna to recycle and constitute.
Earth had an atmosphere before life generated the oxygen. The issue is a breathable atmosphere to us aerobic lifeforms. The 1st era of life was a bunch of anaerobes to whom oxygen was toxic. I think it was a reducing atmosphere too, as opposed to the oxydizing (i.e. rust) atmosphere we've had now. Earth wasn't always a blue marble, though then again, we're not the original Earth. Yeah, the further back you go, the weirder it gets.

Assuming Ocampans breathe oxygen because Kes doesn't have a problem on the ship, there could be a geologic source of the oxygen or there was enough present and it wasn't being generated/recycled by life to make the cataclysm not make the air unbreathable. If I remember correctly, ice ages shift the oxygen percentage by a few percent.

I haven't seen Spaceballs. Is there any scifi you haven't seen?
I would say Spaceballs was my first act of (rare) juvenile delinquency, though I may have been too young to qualify as a juvenile. I snuck in near the climax of the movie when whatever movie I was at got out. Went to the bathroom, waltzed in (has anyone ever really waltzed in? I'd love to see someone make an entrance doing steps from a waltz) in the bathroom scene of all the scenes. Saw the rest of the movie. Later that summer, I saw the whole movie, legit. Should there be pride in committing such an act before even stepping foot into 1st grade?

3. Much of Voyager was amazingly cheap in production values. A lot of the writing talent was spent on covering this up. Plus Berman is apparently good at knowing how to allocate the budget for proper effect. I really do believe that an iron determination to cut payroll was a main factor in terminating someone.
Surely you jest. Voyager had great production values for UPN. Not sure how its budget compared to comparable shows on the big 4 networks (Fox just became the big #4 around Voyager's 1st or 2nd season), but Star Trek had budgets over $1M per episode. Babylon 5 was the one that ran a tight budget (finished under budget each season too) and spent < $1M an episode. Voyager wasn't cutting payroll, it was adding a new castmember while keeping payroll the same, meaning somebody had to get cut. It was Kim, but because he won a beauty contest, it switched to the next castmember with a 3 letter name starting with K.
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