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Re: Whovian Whumor

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River went to prison for a crime she didn't commit, as we now know. So, she's consigned to spend her life in jail, so the Doctor can fly under the radar.... which he ends up not doing anyway. It's not about whether she can escape on her own or not - it's about the fact that the whole reason she's there in the first place is to protect the Doctor by continuing the facade that she killed him and that he's dead. Except he isn't, and based on the Christmas Special, he's made no effort to be discreet about it.

Then when River finally does die, her ultimate fate is to be a cyber nanny to a bunch of kids who don't really exist, not because she wants to but because the Doctor doesn't have any other way of keeping her alive after she dies.

I'd call that pretty douche-y.
Fair enough on both counts. I forgot about the second part (the cyber nanny bit) and I'll definitely agree that sucks. That was the one part of the whole two-parter that I didn't like.

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I'm also amused that, while the article opens with a photo from "The Family of Blood," the author leaves this out, which is odd considering it's a situation that I do agree that The Doctor acts like a complete bastard and is called out on it by Joan.
I don't think he did. You can't blame the Doctor for what happened to the town/city. He knew that the Family would not find him if everything was done right. If Tim didn't steal the watch and open it, the Family would not have found what they were looking for and moved on.

His punishment of the Family was poetic justice.
Yes, what he did to the Family of Blood was poetic justice (and what Joan called The Doctor out on doesn't even cover that considering she didn't know about it), but Joan is also right that if The Doctor hadn't even gone there, people wouldn't have died and it's that part I consider selfish and bastardly. And it's not fair to blame Tim for this because The Doctor shouldn't have left it lying around like that.

That all being said, I'm sorry for derailing this fun thread with a silly serious discussion.
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