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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Adelphi, the Federation starship involved in the disastrous Ghorusda Affair sometime prior to the "Tin Man" incident of 2366.
B is for Bozeman, USS
C is for Captain's Yacht: Cousteau.
D is for Defiant, USS NCC 1764
E is for Eagle, USS...NCC-956...mid-23rd century Constitution-class starship.
F is for Fearless, USS NCC-14598 mid-24th century Excelsior-class starship
G is for Gorkan.
H is for Hermes.
I is for Intrepid
J is for Justman, a shuttle of the 1701D
K is for K'mpec; Chancellor of the Klingon High Council. And a fat, old, always drunk Klingon.

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