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It's time for '25th Anniversary' and 'Judgment Rites' to come to iPad

With the release of other point-and-click games like Swords and Sworcery and Monkey Island 1+2 on the iPad (and even Baldur's Gate has been announced!), it seems that the point-and-click adventure game it a natural fit to the touchscreen of the iPad.

So it seems like a no brainer to release two of the greatest Star Trek games of all time, '25th Anniversary' and 'Judgment Rites', on the iPad.

If you are not familiar with these games, I highly recommend seeking them out on Abandonia. Each game contains multiple 'episodes' of the Original Series, with all voices done by the original series stars. They are wonderfully scripted and a lot of fun. I would love to see these games get reworked into apps.

Who holds the license for these, and why aren't they capitalizing on it?
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