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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Hartzilla 2007 wrote:
I get the feeling you're not going to be happy about the anime based on Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin I hear is in the making.
Interesing that you mention that project, Gundam the Origin is based on a manga done a few years ago, part of it was released in the US by Viz media. It's not a true remake per say and the Gundam franchise has been doing this since the mid 80's with the movie trilogy and again in '06 with the Zeta trilogy.

The situation with Yamato is very different, I don't mind this at all since it will get more people interested in space opera and that is only a good thing, not all remakes are bad. The sad truth is that as much as I love Yamato and other works by Leiji Matsumoto getting people interested in a 40 year old anime is very difficult.
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