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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Wow I missed this...another version of Yamato? First the animated movie and live action one, now this?

Edit: Just saw the 10 minute clip....very detailed mechanical design!

IDK if I'd call this another 'version' of Yamato per se - more like "Yamato Remastered' (but IMO in a VERY good way). I have to say, if they did an English dubbed version, and the SyFy channel was able to show this new remastered - and HD - version, I do think they'd have a fair amount of viewers for it who would stick with it.

The original Yamato story is a good one, with modern Anime visuals (yet still sticking faithfully to a LOT of the original ship designs, etc.) - I HOPE they get enough support from the Japanese fans to do the whole thing.

With an English sub-title track announced, and the fact Japan is in the same BluRay region; they'll get my money for these discs; and I don't live anywhere near Japan .

No its a totally new series with the same story, so I wouldnt call it a "remastering". There HAS been a fan made "remastering" but obviously its not official.

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