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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

The X-Men are hopefull that Hope is the mutant messiah and Scott specifically is expecting that the Phoenix's arrival will bring some kind of positive change for the mutant race despite previous encounters with it would indicate otherwise. Death and destruction usually are left in it's wake.

It isn't surprising Bendis writing with the X-Men characters is inconsistent because frankly, Bendis doesn't write those characters. It is intriguing to me the writing arc break down Marvel has chosen with who is writing what arc of this book. Starting with Bendis seems logical since I'm assuming we're going to be dealing with the Avengers characters early on which of course he is intimately familiar with. Jonathan Hickman takes over I believe the next arc, with Aaron writing the finale arc in the fall (the latter two are the far superior writers in my opinion right now, Bendis has lost his touch). I'm forgetting where Brubaker and Fraction will be slotted in the arcs.

@Allyn yeah Bendis is known and loathed by a lot of fans for his "writing for trade" pace so it isn't surprising that you picked on that. It is what he is currently being maligned for on his "Avengers" run which has become stagnant and uninteresting IMO...yet I still continue to read. He will be concluding his long run with the Age of Ultron which is supposed to happen in-conjunction or after AVX. Not sure. I was thinking Age of Ultron or aka The Ultron War arc was going to happen prior to Avengers Vs X-Men. It also might be a summer arc.

EDIT: I just read Rich's review on Bleeding Cool...sigh...I knew I wasn't going to like Bendis's arc on this book. Still getting this tomorrow though.
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