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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

I like the plot twist in the most recent episode of Awake that implies

The bit about electricity not existing could mean one of two things: the electrical grid has failed, or any attempt to generate electricity for power will fail for some unknown reason, even though electromagnetism as a physical force still exists just fine.

It would be nice to get some clarity on that issue, because it's a huge difference - is this an end-of-the-world survival scenario after the breakdown of society, or is this a hand-waving conspiracy type show, where the conspirators have sinister abilities beyond human ken?

"AI rights" hasn't been done to death on TV (yet). I'm happy for NBC to take a crack at it. Too many of the sci fi shows are the hand-waving mystery type, where it's impossible to tell how they'll turn out but the track record ain't good...
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