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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Beautiful People might have potential, although the question of AI rights has been addressed before in SF. Do No Harm, with the idea of the "Jekyll" and "Hyde" personas making a deal with one another to coexist, reminds me of Steven Moffat's Jekyll miniseries, but it'll have a hard time equaling it.

I'm glad they're no longer describing the unnamed Bad Robot pilot as being set in a world where "all forms of energy" have ceased to exist (since that would mean the entire universe vanished), but "where electricity no longer exists" is equally silly, since it's electrostatic forces that hold matter together, not to mention that neurons function electrochemically. There must be less stupid ways to justify a post-apocalyptic world without modern technology.

And wait, they're doing a sitcom with Bill Pullman as the President of the US? Is it set in the aftermath of a global alien invasion?

I'm actually not displeased to hear that Awake is getting "soft" numbers and may not get renewed. It had a brilliant pilot, but the subsequent series has squandered much of its potential and isn't nearly as satisfying.
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