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Re: Whovian Whumor

Half that list seems more like a personal agenda against certain characters (or just The Doctor himself) than looking at objectively. Yes, The Doctor is a bastard for the events The Unearthly Child, choking Peri, tormenting Ace in The Curse of Fenric and The Ghost Light, and his acts during the Time War.

But Leela is not a blood thirsty serial killer and the author conveniently forgets how The Doctor regularly chastised her for her violence and use of Janis thorns as well as trying to educate her in nearly every story.

I'm also amused that, while the article opens with a photo from "The Family of Blood," the author leaves this out, which is odd considering it's a situation that I do agree that The Doctor acts like a complete bastard and is called out on it by Joan.

There are certainly enough cases to fill up a top ten list of The Doctor acting like a complete bastard, but this author didn't accomplish it here.
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