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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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Yea the plot was ok. But the whole have Castle go out with an 'invisible' airplane stewardess (iirc)... was just a lame plot device.
Makes sense to me. He's doing it to get back at Kate, or to distract himself from her, or whatever. It's believable as the way Castle would react in that situation. And the fact that we don't see much fo the flight attendant doesn't matter because emotionally, dramatically, it's still about Castle and Beckett. Or because this whole episode stuck pretty consistently with Beckett's POV. (We didn't even see Martha or Alexis this week.)
I see. Still not a huge fan of it though. Just a guess: could the stewardess not even exist? As in he just made her up... that would go with the whole getting back at Beckett thing. Makes the most sense there.

Ah, good catch, didn't really notice that.
Uhm.. the stewardess was visible in at least two scenes.. at the murder scene when Castle arrives with her and lets her drive off with the Ferrari and the second time when she comes to the precinct for a lunchdate with Castle.

So no.. she is present but in the end inconsequential as Castle has no true feelings for her and i highly doubt he'll sleep with her.
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