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Re: House: Series Wind Down Thread (Series Discussion, Spoilers!)

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We haven't watched at all this season. Who is "Adams"?
The replacement Thirteen. She's one of House's new fellows who previously worked in the infirmary of the prison House was in at the start of the season. She followed him back to New Jersey to be part of his team when he was paroled due to the necessity of his Mad Doctoring Skillz. She's from a rich background and somewhat stuffy and repressed. Sort of a mix of Cameron and Thirteen.

There's another new fellow in Parks, a mousy Asian girl assigned to House's team when she was awaiting disciplinary action from an incident her previous department. She's part Masters (in that Parks is somewhat brilliant and socially awkward) and part Chase (in that she's a punching bag for House).

Foreman has replaced Cuddy as the Dean of Medicine, in charge of running PPTH.
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