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Thank you all so much for your kind words, I'm so glad you all enjoyed reading my challenge entry as much as I enjoyed writing it!

SANDOVAL I'd like to have included a small scene with the Doctor but unfortunately the 10,000 word constraint simply didn't allow me to include one. I suppose as you and COUNT ZERO have pointed out it sort of fits with the general disregard for him in the early episodes but that wasn't really my intention. I already went a few words over so writing even a small scene featuring him was impossible so I just had to explain it with a throwaway line about him being offline due to damage.

MILO BLOOM thanks for your kind words, but as SANDOVAL has said it seems like an apples and oranges comparison given the massive difference in word-count.

NERYS GHEMOR thank you for such praise, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed all the references to DS9 and the characterisation of Chakotay and Janeway.

I think one of the most compelling aspects of writing Voyager fanfic is, in a sense, trying to correct the flawed execution of a fantastic premise that never lived up to what it seemed capable of.

Thanks again for all the praise, and indeed the votes!
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