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What if a 'Mass Effect' TV series were made?

There was some mention in 2011 of a feature film development deal for Bioware with the Mass Effect franchise.
What if they decided to go with a TV series instead. An article on Kotaku today got me thinking.
It wasn't so much the story, the characters, or the gameplay that put it over the top—it was the TV show-like structure.
More than the games that preceded and followed it, Mass Effect 2 felt like playing a season of a really good Sci-Fi TV show.
Story-wise & plot
Both the first and third games were framed as a race against the clock—Saren was planning a Reaper attack of the Citadel in Mass Effect and in Mass Effect 3,
Mass Effect 2 felt more like a TV show than a movie. Most of the game felt like a series of discrete episodes broken up by the occasional "A-Plot" episode that deals with the season-long story, what Buffy The Vampire Slayer coined the "Big Bad." In Mass Effect 2, the Collectors were the Big Bad.
Shepard's death and rebirth were the season premiere. The initial crew recruitments and adventures made up episodes 2-10. The assault on the abandoned Collector ship was the type of mid-season episode that would've aired during sweeps. The back-half of the season contained the later recruitments, the crew's abduction being the penultimate episode, with the suicide mission as a two-part season finale. It's just about an exact structural match.
I become convinced that an episodic BioWare (or BioWare-style) game could be terrific. A series of ten or twenty episodes spread out over six months, downloaded to your console or PC and broken up by smaller side missions… it could make for a highly enjoyable experience.
Why Mass Effect 2 Was My Favorite Mass Effect
Okay so we are talking about a TV series here not an episodic videogame.

Since the Mass Effect franchise has already spawned 3 successful videogames, a handful of comic book series and created an amazing universe let's discuss the possibility of turning this into a TV series set in that universe rather than an action-sci-fi feature film.
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