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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

Gardener - now I get it, "ass over tea kettle" has its appeal. Too bad there will never, ever be a situation where I can use that without looking like I had just lost my damn mind.

Lynx - if you consider novels canon, then I can see your point. But unless the novel was written by one of the regular writers for a show, I consider it glorified fanfic. That doesn't necessarily mean its not worth a read. I still don't see how the Nacene database could have helped the Ocampa if the Caretaker himself couldn't manage to give them more than a bandaid solution.

I'd like to see a novel where the Ocampa take on the borg. Once they've reached Kes's stage of development (warping space, dissolving into light), they'd probably be impossible to assimilate, though the borg could still bombard their colonies.
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