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Re: Did Janeway finish her Jane Austin Holonovel?

It was just a book first.

A lot of comics were books first.

A lot of movies were books and/or comics first too.

There's a food chain here that goes both ways.

The book is pants? Good to know. I assumed the comics were pants Dekerd, but the covers were memorable.

2009 still seems like tomorrow sometimes.

In my heart I know that 2009 is and always will be the ridiculously distant future.

I was watching Mission Impossible 4 last night and they had smartglass on the car Tom Cruise was driving, and I thought to myself, hey... That's probably real. Which is when I wondered if I was wrong to think that smartglass was special effects in Minority Report? Had smartglass always been real, or had someone invented smartglass inbetween Minority Report and Mission Impossible 4?

Any technology more complicated than a coffee vending machine will eventually try to kill us and take over the world.
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