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Re: Did Janeway finish her Jane Austin Holonovel?

This is how in the modern day one finds themself reading a book... A friend says "read this, it's fantastic" and we do.

but in an age of digital copies, which is also right now, where you lose nothing when sharing your dearest, you don't have to worry about assholes who never return a book leant.

I hate it when reprobates look me in the eye when they're holding my books hostage, but you can see that they have no memory of borrowing my property and no intention of returning them if they did, because it's too much of an effort to scurry for what is mine, in the attics or basements of their houses they've been buried and hidden.

We want our friends to read what we read so they can know joy like we know joy, so we can be the same and bound in the words that made those pages, that if they agree how we agree that we can trust them, because they are us.

But heres the pickle.

To hate a book someone gives you is to hate that person who gave you that book, since it defines who they are.


One has to keep reading a shitty book, a dull book, a wrong book because you might be 5 pages from when the story turns around and pinches your interest and you do not have to unfriend this person on facebook because they have no taste and no depth.

I'm not being ridiculous.

This is how the Crusades started.
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