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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

According to the book "Caretaker", written by L.A. Graf, the Caretaker transmitted all his knowledge and information to Ocampa shortly before his death. Since the book is based on the script of the episode, I consider that the Ocampa did get all valuable information from the Caretaker and because of that they were able to start develope their world. I think that this information and knowledge from the Caretaker would be much more valuable than whatever any Kes-impersonating pathetic wreck could come up with.
Novels are dodgy at best, but that's fantastic fanwank to slip that into an adaptation of the pilot. completely altering the construction and drives of the titular character...

When did this happen?

Because seconds before he died Caretaker was still trying to enlist someone to look after the childlike Ocampa, but Janeway was able to reverse a thousand years of upside down morality with her superior human ethics and suggest that the Ocampa might be able to be their own Caretakers.

Caretaker couldn't fix/activate the Arrays destruction telepathically from where he was standing so why should we beleive that he was able to transmit to the ocampa all the data they need to build their own Arrays and amillion other useful pieces of technology that makes voyager look like a rickity barge?

Lets just compare missions.

Spend 70 years trekking through unknown space, or spending 6 months showing the Ocampa how to build their own array while under siege from an unknown number of kazon forces ho they could destroy or pay off after the construction of the first piece of nacene tech runs off an Ocampan production line?

The Ocampan city built form Caretaker technology would be as valuable if not more valuable to the kazon than the Array, and if they also had a nacene data base... Fuck their water, the Ocampans had a Nacene database and didn't have the balls or the spine to protect it.

If it wasn't for a throwaway line in Fury, I would be sure that the Ocampa had been exterminated or enslaved by the Kazon the second their shield gave out.
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