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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

Very interesting indeed. So it was an anny of sorts for Brock. That seems consistent from another report I read yesterday that he signed a one year deal. I have to agree with tomalak301 as well, Miami was a hot crowd tonight as they were last night as well. They gave Brock a huge pop as I expected, and even bigger one when he gave the F5 to Cena!!! I really want Thuganomics Cena back now. I know I might be alone, but damn come on John, give us what we want! LOL! I think the majority of fans would be okay with a Thuganomic heel run if he turned heel.

Daniel Bryan is so over right now...he's a heel, but is getting face reactions, AJ is getting heel heat...I still dislike how they have turned him heel by using her like this, but I can easily see a face change soon. Yes, I like him better as a face than a heel.
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