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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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I've recently watched some episodes on a channel I have and I think that this original series is much better than the depressive stuff they came up with in recent years.
This is why we'll never agree. I'll take dank and dreary over bright and cheerful.

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...and I see no resolution for Ocampa in a pathetic wreck. I think that Ocampa would make it just fine anyway.
Ocampa was fully dependent upon the caretaker and afraid to live above ground because of rabble like the Kazon. It didn't look like they were making any progress. Whatever state she was in, Kes had knowledge and experience that would benefit Ocampa.

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Maybe Jennifer should have tried "dating" a producer before things became pear shaped?
You mean "went tits up"? That's one of my favorite British-isms.
According to the book "Caretaker", written by L.A. Graf, the Caretaker transmitted all his knowledge and information to Ocampa shortly before his death. Since the book is based on the script of the episode, I consider that the Ocampa did get all valuable information from the Caretaker and because of that they were able to start develope their world. I think that this information and knowledge from the Caretaker would be much more valuable than whatever any Kes-impersonating pathetic wreck could come up with.

Not to mention that the Ocampa on Suspiria's array could add some help to the planet as well, now when they were informed about the current state of their homeworld.
Who'd let that cat in here?

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