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Re: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes season 2 discussion thread

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All good points, but neither Fury is real. The role they play is the tough as nails military man turned superspy. That's their character.
I'm sorry, friend; but that's just a description and not a character. Character is nuance; it's not just "I wear a white hat so I'm a good guy.". The Sam Jackson Nick Fury is a different character from David Hasselhoff Nick Fury. They both have the same exact description on paper; both have this same "content of character" you mention; but they are not the same. Are you trying to argue they are the same?

Yes; Nick Fury is not real; but part of story telling is to convince us they are real. If we can not become somehow engaged, then what's the point?
Never saw Hasseloff's version. But the Nick Fury I know is a tough as nails military man turned superspy. That's who Jackson plays. So far I haven't seen enough background for Jackson's Fury to go beyond that. "White" Fury in the comics grew up poor and on the streets. He joined the military and went from enlisted man to officer eventually heading an international espionage organization. Seems to me that could be part of the background for Jackson's Fury as well. But I don't know if that's true because it hasn't been explored. Being a fan of comics, I think Jackson's take on Fury is probably influenced by "White" Fury.

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