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I am of the opinion that T'Pol is probably the best Vulcan on Trek. Spock set the standard, and
T'Pol has reached that level. In Ent seasons 2-4 as I have mentioned in other posts, she screamed Vulcan, she was Vulcan, she is what and who I would expect a Vulcan to be. Espically being an 22nd Century Vulcan, she did show some emotion that later Vulcans did not show. In Trek 3 after that Klingon kills David Marcus, Saavik has to report to Kirk...she simply say's "David is Dead" with not one shred of emotion, T'Pol does show emotion, not a whole lot but some and I love that. Don't get me wrong I love most of the actor/actress who have played Vulcans, however, something about T'Pol stands out from the crowd, besides Spock of course. Liked Kristie Alley, and Robin Curtiss, did not care for Valeris at all, for some reason she really bugged me. Any thoughts...
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