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I don't know why people can't look past a cat suit and nice figure to the character. T'Pol and 7 were very well developed characters with great personality growth arcs that carried on over 4 seasons each. They were not static like a lot of characters in Trek tend to be. Yes they have large breasts.. because some women DO have large breasts and nice figures. Does this make them about nothing more than sex?
Agreed. Both Seven and T'Pol developed well beyond their supposed only reasons for existing (i.e. 'just stand there and look good'). I don't understand why so many fans get so uppity about Seven, T'Pol, and Deanna Troi wearing nonstandard uniforms that emphasize their figures. Using sex to attract viewers has been a part of Star Trek since TOS. It's just part of the reality of television. Just deal with it and move on.
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