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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Before everyone gets too excited about the Blu-ray I'd like to point out the Japanese video market is a lot different than other regions, the Japanese market has inflated prices it's not that unusual for shows to have 2 episodes per disc at $50!
Yeah, that has never chamged - was that way in the late 1980ies, early 1990ies if you ordered any Anime Laser-Discs direct from Japan.

And given that effetively this is a new OAV series (it may end up on Japanese broadcast TV someday), but from what I read the premire two episodes are being shown in Japanese theatres to promote the release of the first BluRay.

I expect to effectively pay through the nose as it were, but right now, I still have a good paying job, and don't normally splurge on a lot of stuff, but this may be an exception for me.
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