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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Flash allegedly as Hobby and buddy to Peter was my first reading of Flash. I had to read older issues to explore "bully" Flash.

I liked Avenging Spider-man #5 good enough, the best stuff was the "sitting around" with the Avengers that we sometimes got on the first edition of New Avengers. Seems the dynamic with Avengers currently is to turn Spider-man/Hawkeye into a type of Spider-man/Johnny Storm dynamic. Almost as if Peter has to find that person in a group to bounce off of.

Ghost Rider #9 - Despite two art teams I liked the art throughout, seemed to flow out of Circle of Four good as well. Alejandra was able to right her wrong and restore the souls she took in error while under Adam's control...who is also revealed to not be dead after the issue #4 space station explosion issue. Adam is also not Blackheart, as he tried to imply to Alejandra during Co4, a devilish lie I take it then. Alejandra was a much more direct vengeance type of GR. She fought Mephisto in a nice full double page spread and ripped out his proverbial "heart", which she uses to barter for those Nicaraguan souls.
She is prepared to sacrifice herself in order that those souls get vengeance but Blaze will not allow that. With a mystic bullet from Mephisto he shoots her in the head, while GR, and then dives into the hellfire lake to save her. With all this Vengeance Energy in limbo Blaze is once again attached as host to the GR. Although we don't really know what type host. Blaze notes that Alejandra is free of Zarathos but she as well as retained some type of "Rider Residue"(my term, it's not really given one in the issue). She has a type of fiery head but not a skull and she looks leprous and is not happy that Blaze wouldn't let her perish. I'm glad she isn't dead. Maybe she can be redeemed and be a type of Rider Danny.

There is an epilogue by the writer and he states that his intent is for Alejandra to now be a foe. That was ambiguous in the closing panels, maybe way he stated it. We'll see what future writers do with her I suppose. With Blaze back as GR I wonder how long we'll have to wait for a new GR series? At least till 2013 for sure.
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