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Re: Norton's Trek Images

These are some older things I did for an RPG game I used to run, which was set in the Nu-Trekiverse of the JJ Abrams Star Trek.

This is the image I made to represent Captain Allan Sanderson, of the USS Monitor (NCC-1218) which was a Bonaventure class ship (not the Animated Series one. The Ships of the Line one, which I love). Unfortunately, I don't really have a reasonably sized version of the full body shot, so if you click on this, you will see that, but if I just put that image right here, it'd be far too large.

And a (non-player) character I had made called John Ford Mackenzie, former Captain of the Monitor.

And a mock up of a Ranger Class starship modified for the Nu-Trekiverse version of what Pre-TOS looked like.

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