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I tend to make a lot of Trek art, for a variety of purposes. I'm involved in alternate history, so if I write a story of a parallel universe for the Trek universe, I try to make images. I'm likewise involved in Sim games, meaning I do images for that from time to time as well. So there's not generally one unified topic I can make just one specific thread for, so this will be like a menagerie. I also do mostly photo manipulation type stuff, and am starting to get into vectorized art too.

So, if anyone cares, I'll use this to show off some of that.


This is some stuff I've done recently for an RPG game I'm running now. And some of this, if you click on it, will open up a larger version of it.

This is an image I made to represent Captain Skarl, of the IKS Korath. This character comes from a comic sequel to "Mirror Mirror" done way back in like '97 which I had as a kid and was really my introduction to the Original Series (and confused me a lot since I didn't know about the Mirror Universe and just thought this was about the normal USS Enterprise, and excused the different costumes as normal 90s messing with the look of things to make it look cooler, which they did all the time back then. I also somehow found a way to justify them being evil as just being normal). So in honor of that, I made my character the Normal Universe version of that Klingon Lord from that comic book.

And a stylized version.

And here are two propaganda posters I did for the game in order to show it off and to advertise for it. These are vectorized and stylized to try to give a very stark and basic design, and perhaps their simplicity is a bit 1960s, which matches with the fact that its set in the TOS era.

And a standalone version of the second poster's image. The white area is not in this version, for some reason.

And here is a Romulan symbol I did to represent that of the Star Empire in the 23rd century era. It's a vectorized drawing based on the decal on the Bird of Prey. And these are two versions. The most basic one, unfortunately, suffers from what the above image does as well, in that the white is not there for some reason, which is ok for a light forum background but not for a dark one as found here.

And these are three Klingon smooth heads I did for the game as well.

This one is the elderly cook guy. I used a black and white photo of Bela Lugosi (as those are all there are in his old years), colorized in, and jiggered it onto a body taken from "Day of the Dove". I used Lugosi for a few reasons. Firstly, because his portrayal in Ed Wood is that of a dirty mouthed old man, which I loved. Second, he has a giant ape man from a Klingon slave world as his assistant cook, which plays into the mad scientist angle, and I think it's funny to have an old man yelling at this hulking assistant and calling him a moron.

This one is a Scientist/Doctor character from a story.

And this one is just one I did to include in the basic tutorial of what is is to be a smooth headed Klingon for players of the game. I named him Kog just to represent being basic, and gave him a background as a propaganda piece of a good Klingon to reason why he was used in the tutorial, which is based on Chinese and Vietnamese propaganda where someone dies and the party thrusts upon them being this heroic action hero figure who does everything right and is the perfect subject that the party wants, even though it's likely that's all a lie.

And, really the last thing I have done so far, is a signature I had made for the RPG which I think came out rather nicely.

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