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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Just finished Avenging Spider-Man 5.

Steve and Pete bond because they were geeks at school.

Two things got me.

1. Pete talks about how he was bullied at school, and Steve fails to mention that he just made the bully pete was talking about, Flash Thompson, an Avenger too, piloting the venom symbionat in Secret Avengers, which they have weaponized after suppressing the nasty buggers personality...

2. There's all this talk about how Wee little Stevey Rogers gave up being a comic book artist to become Captain America. Fuck that. In the 80s, "our" 80s, Steve was first a comercial artist, and then he was actually the artist for Captain America at Marvel, and I quote "Becuase i know how I fight, I can be the best Captain America Comic Book arrtist ever!"

By the way, did you know that in 616, that it's Jarvis who annotates the Avengers less than secret missions/battles for Marvel Comics in a weekly phone call to the bullpen? Which anyway you look at it means that Jarvis writes all of Marvel Comics comics for Marvel.

Whenever Edwin went bad... The red Cowl and shit, fuck me but those would have been some dark comics that were being produced in those months... Or, after Mr Hyde tied him to that chair and beat on him for a couple hours... Jarvis et All Marvel would have been merciless about Hyde being a sissy with erectile dysfunction and odour issues for the next... Well, forever.

It was a really good story, but it couldn't have happened and someone should have stopped Zeb before he got past the brainstorming stage.
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