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A recently Assimilated Star Trek Fan

Greetings ! i was originally a Star Wars Fan But over the years i have slowly asslimated into the Star Trek Collective. I converted to Star Trek for two reasons

1) Star Wars while was a damn good sci fi franchise, It did not contain any info or knowledge about Earth. It had mention of earth at all in its official cannon which i find sad while other major TV/Cinema Sci Fi had Earth in them.

Star Trek - It had Earth as an important memeber of the United Federation Of Planets

Stargate - Earth was almost in every episode of SG1 and it becaome a liberator for Goa'uld enslaved Humans ,Wraith threatened Pegasus Galaxy Humans & Human enslaving Ori.

Farscape - Had John Crichton looking to get back to Earth

Babylon 5 - Earth was the Earth Ailliance and it even slowly turned into a Baddie in seasons 2,3 and 4.

Battlestar Galactica - It had humans looking for F**king Earth

As a Human, i do feel Sci fi needs Earth to be mentioned in it as Sci Fi does in it own way deal with a potiential furture or past (in case of Battlestar Galactica)

2) Star Trek has 5 live action TV Series, 1 animation TV Series and 11 movies going for it. The story telling is superb. It talked about Humanity, Conflict, Cultural Differences and other things that give it much more complexity and intellectual richness. Star Wars was good but it boiled down to just lightsabers actions, The Force (AKA magic) and an asthmatic super villian.

So this is my testimonial to my assimilation into your collective.

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