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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

I like Ass over tea kettle.

(Although the only person I have ever heard use that phrase is Ally McBeal.)

It didn't rain on Ocampa.

The biosphere is broken.

That world cannot support life.

Any one that lives on Ocampa has to use the same technology as a starbase.

It's weird that Ocampa has air.

No flora, or fauna to recycle and constitute.

Two thoughts.

1. The Kazon make air "somehow" so that they can work on the surface of Ocampa.

2. Caretaker was "beaming" air to Ocampa.

think about this.

The Ocampa were even more doomed than before.

Running out of water is nothing compared to the planet running out of air.

We've all seen Spaceballs.
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