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I rather enjoyed the gameplay of Dragon Age 2. While Origins was a great deal of fun on the PC -and if you have any fond memories of Baldur's Gate you must try the PC version of Origins - it was nowhere near as good on the consoles gameplay wise.

And call me selfish, my console is my main source of gaming so i want a damn good experience when i buy a game for it.
So the more action focused sequel was a lot more fun to play for me. But i can certainly see why PC gamers wouldn't be as thrilled with the changes.

That is not to say i didn't have problems with the game nor want changes to be made in any sequel.

My main issues with Dragon Age 2 revolved around the story and the way it was told. We were told prior to release that it would tell the tale of a ten year chunk of Hawkes life and his/her rise to Champion of Kirkwall.

Which is a great idea, a chance to really focus on a set of characters and show the changes caused by their actions earlier on.

In execution though it left a lot to be desired. There were simply far too many time jumps. Whole years were skipped over. I wasn't expecting 10 years real time of course, that'd be insane, but i did expect to have at least one adventure per year rather than jumping 2 or even 3 years at a time.

And nothing much changed in those jumps. Sure you'd see a character change jobs but there was no meat to the changes.

If i chose to kill someone in year one, i want his family or friends seeking retribution in year five, not a quick conversation with a companion where they tell me about how hard their new promotion at work is.

My own wishes for Dragon Age 3 would be giving us the entirety of the Templar - Mage conflict. Show us the beginnings, middle and end of the war, let our actions at the first battles impact the resolution of the conflict.

And for the love of Andraste a bit more variety in locations would be nice too.
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