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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

I'm glad to hear you endorse Wacom; I've been crossing my fingers that it's going to be good. I was originally going to get something more pricey, but then my laptop died its final death (and I wanted to get a replacement that I'm sure if powerful enough to run Moviestorm, which is something else that I've been wanting to experiment with).

I love the way your finished pictures look-- the lines really look like brush strokes. In fact, it was your earlier work that made me want to get the tablet. My problem is that all my life I focused on my writing over my art, so not only am I somewhat unskilled, but drawing something takes freakin' forever. It's one thing to devote that much effort to a single drawing, but a comic strip takes many drawings-- if you've looked at any of them, you'll see that the art is much simpler than in my single drawings and that I abuse the concept of copy and paste as much as possible. I'm hoping the tablet makes it all much easier for me.

By the way, Ghost Rider is my favorite.
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