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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

OK, I was in the vicinity of my comic book store today and picked up the books that I missed on Wednesday.

Avengers 24.1-- Yeah, I liked this one and wish that I had read this before AvX 0. Vision's return at the begining of the Osborn arc was very abrupt, like, "Hey, look everyone, The Vision is back! Avengers Assemble!" This issue was more like, "OK, take a breath. The Vision is back. What does that mean and who does it affect?" His reunion with She-Hulk was touching, and I hope this means that we will be seeing more of Jen in The Avengers books. I've always liked this version of The Vision and didn't really realize how much I missed him till this issue, so it's good to have him back.

Captain America and Bucky 628-- A decent finish to the Adam III arc. I'm a big fan of the original run of The Invaders, so it's always nice to see an obscure character like Fred Davis get some time in the spotlight. I won't be sticking around for this title's switch-over to "Captain America and Hawkeye" next issue. My monthly commitment to one "Captain America" book a month suddenly became three books, and since the main Cap book and Winter Soldier aren't going anywhere in my pull-list, it's time to bid this book a fond farewell. I wish it luck.
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