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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

11. Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance: B
12. Act of Valor: C+
13. John Carter: B
14. Hunger Games: B+
15. Wrath of the Titans: C

I was really more disappointed with this than Ghost Rider. I mean, it's my own fault I guess. I didn't expect much out of GR so it fared well enough in the story department. The story here is clear enough to see what was on paper but it fell flat for me from a performance standpoint. I also wasn't buying the Perseus/Andromeda angle. It didn't feel organic or natural at all. The CGI was really well and the big action sequences didn't disappoint it was the story and the actors lack of selling it that was the disconnect. The story's focus for the characters was of Father/Son loyalty and love. The Perseus/Helios dynamic worked better than Perseus/Zeus and that was the one that should've excelled, imo.
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