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Re: Archer & T'Pol Appreciation Society - 2012 Edition

Glad to see this thread alive and well.

As a long-time Archer/T'Pol shipper, I always loved their relationship--close friends. It made sense that at the end of their journeys, they both would try to seek more than just friendship. I guess in that sense, I was never disappointed with the series.

Favorite episode: The Forge
Favorite moments: Many in Twilight, including when Archer is about to say something in his cabin and is cut off ("If this works ...."). He seems like he's going to address what happens to them both. I also liked A Night in Sickbay, mostly because Archer was definitely in the wrong. The treadmill scene is great; he feels so smug in his wrongness. I of course also like TATV when he gives T'Pol a big hug. I think that hug was 4 years (okay, 10 their time) in the making.

On Archer in the MU, I really enjoyed him because he was a pathetic loser. He so wanted to be someone, kinda the opposite of the RU Archer. It was fun watching him be poisoned by Hoshi. He had it coming!

Thanks, HR!
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