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Re: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes season 2 discussion thread

So they're doing the Secret Invasion storyline, and so far we know of two Skrull impostors among the heroes. I suspected Sue as soon as Reed said he felt she was neglecting him for a change.

I've just been watching the '90s Fantastic Four cartoon on Netflix (it's hidden away under the listing for the '90s Iron Man series -- the streams actually contain the entire Marvel Action Hour package of both shows back-to-back, though only the IM episode is listed), so it's weird getting used to new voices for the FF. Still, Dee Bradley Baker strikes me as a pretty good choice for Reed. He's good at sounding professorial. (And is Fred Tatasciore still playing the Thing as he did in the show a few years back? Sounded like it. Which means he's playing both sides of the Thing-Hulk feud.)

I loved it that Janet had the fearlessness to point out to Dr. Doom's face that he's wearing a skirt.

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Also I don't think the series are conected there are too many difference,SM takes place in a version of the Ultimate Universe while Avengers is a variation of the Main Marvel Universe 616.
Not quite. Despite its title, Ultimate Spider-Man is creating its own continuity which draws on elements of both the 616 and Ultimate universes combined with original elements as the creators see fit.
Nrama: Though Brian Michael Bendis is involved and the show starts with Peter in high school, like the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book, it looks like it's not strictly tied to that series — is it something of a mélange of different Spidey eras, all kind of working together?

Seagle: I think it's important to say — Brian Bendis works with us on the show, Paul Dini also — great contributors, but especially in that Brian let go of all that. He let us take the fun parts of Ultimate Spider-Man the comic book, but Ultimate Spider-Man the TV show is totally different. It's a completely new reinvention, in the way his was a reinvention of the comic.

Kelly: It's just taking what works from all the eras that we love, and that spirit Brian had of "anything goes;" just doing that in animation.
By the same token, Avengers, while drawing largely on 616, also incorporates some ideas from Ultimate, like a black Nick Fury. Pretty much all the Marvel screen adaptations these days draw liberally on both universes. There are a lot of Ultimate elements in the movies -- not just Fury, but the Hulk being an offshoot of the supersoldier program, Galactus being a swarm entity, Spider-Man's powers coming from a genetically engineered spider rather than an irradiated one, etc.

Which only makes sense, because the Ultimate comics and the movies/shows both have the same motivation to make changes, i.e. to update the stories and get away from some of the problems of the originals, like a lack of diversity, the treatment of radiation as magic, etc.
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