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Re: NASA's budget: Help save space exploration!

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Can't hurt.
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Might help.
No. Congress couldn't legislate itself out of a wet paper bag. NASA already has one of if not THE highest approval ratings of any government agency. Congress doesn't care.

It doesn't help that people think NASA's budget is several times what it actually is. First educate the people on Federal budget allocations and then tell them NASA should get more.

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Uhhh, maybe we should worry a little more about the earthly problems in this country right now.
Seconded. There's a lot more going on right now that needs attention. Nasa will have to wait on this one.
We had far, far greater "earthly problems" in the 1960s and we sent men to the moon.
We sent men to the moon for more political reason than scientific reasons. It's no coincidence we stopped going after we "won".[/QUOTE]

So. Send manned missions to Mars for political reasons as well. Why does it matter why we go as long as we go?
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