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Re: MARCH CHALLENGE - Home - Angry Fanboy

Well, that was really good. I actually don't like Voyager that much but your story managed to captivate my attention and made me feel with the crew and cheer for them. You addressed all the issues such an early return of Voyager would cause for the crew, e.g. for the Maquis and Kes and Neelix (I loved that scene, by the way). I also liked how you managed to weave some nostalgy for things and characters we will now never get to know (or at least not so well) into your tale with your mentioning of the Doctor. He and Seven happen to be my favourite characters of the show and it made me a little sad that they won't exist in this universe as happy as I was for the Voyager crew to get home so soon.

Nice speech by Janeway at the end.
Now with a theme tune.
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