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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

They've just started listing Svengoolie on another local affiliate, funnily enough, just as "Svengoolie." On one channel, they list just the movie title with no hint of the horror host, and on the other, just the host with no hint of the movie he's playing. I've set both to record, just in case they're not the same. Supposedly, his ratings keep going up, so it may not be long before you get to see him.

This week's was Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, which is, of course, good viewing.

I still haven't read any horror in a while, but here are some spooky little guys I picked up.

Frankie, Bride, and Mummy.

London Vamp, Invisible Man, and Nosferatu.

They only made six of those stylized horror guys, but I wish they made more. A Wolf Man would have been great. Also, Frankie isn't obscene; that's a key around his neck that goes to a lock on the Bride's chest.

I've also been collecting these little zombies that they sell at Walgreens.

I did a warm-up sketch a few weeks ago based somewhat on the astrozombie.

Fun little guys!
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