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Re: Vanguard: Storming Heaven by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

An enjoyable read and a great conclusion to the Vanguard saga!

I have always like the more mature tone of the Vanguard series and this title is no exception. I appreciate that there wasn't a conventional happy ending and that the Starfleet mission actually ended in what could be described as abject failure.

I also liked that Quinn isn't entirely healed. Knowing he's able to cope with his demons works better than having them magically erased or purged by T'Prynn's mind meld.

The in-jokes were excellent and I have a feeling I didn't pick all of them up. The one I loved the most was Ensign Felicia Knight, which I'm assuming is a reference to the wonderful Felicia Day. I also liked Xiong's "...and then I'll take the office!" I agree with the above posters who loved the Ceti Alpha references as well.

There were two great Kirk moments: first, him stomping out of Nogura's office after hearing the Marcus family was on Vanguard and second "I prefer to think he met me."

Did Desai actually wait a full day for Pennington and Reyes to row across the lake?

My only complaint is that I never did get Lt. Theriault in a leather skirt. However, I'll assume that in the haste to get everyone combat ready, her leather skirt was the only thing she was able to pack and she spent the next six months wearing it.
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